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Calling Berkeley our Home


As part of our ongoing effort to be a part of the burneoning film community in the San Francisco Bay Area--specifically the East Bay, Frame x Frame Productions has decided to stay at our current location at the Saul Zaentz Media Center at 2600 10th St., Suite 602, Berkeley, CA 94710.

The Professional Difference: Planning Your Video

In this installment, we’ll look at another differentiator between those who pursue film and video production as a hobby, and those of us who are professionals: planning.

Using Stock Footage/Photography to Spice Up Your Video

I'm going to start this post by apologizing to all of the great DPs who work with us. I am NOT trying to put you out of business. In fact, at the end of the post, I will tell how YOU can get in on the stock footage market and make some extra money on those handful of days per year you're not out shooting for us.

HDSLR and You


If you’re been poking around the trade mags lately, or reading anything online about film and video production, then you’ve probably heard about the use of still cameras (DSLRs) for film and video production. This revolution, or more precisely evolution in technology has begun the creative professional some great new options for the creation and acquisition of footage and images. As with all new tools, however, it takes time to sort out what applications best fit the technology, and what types of projects can best benefit from the unique strengths and weaknesses of the tool.


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